Preparing for Clearing


Tim Kourdi – 1st August 2015

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We all have an innate ability to judge how well we have done be it in a race, a piece of work or an exam. The thing is that we are not good at estimating our actual performance. We tend to think we did better or worse than we actually achieve. Exams are no different. We can all think of a time when we thought we did well but the results obtained were lower than those expected. Not all exams however, are the same. A-Level results are the key to moving onto a University education. So preparing options, should your results not be as expected, is a worthwhile endeavour. This post will provide you with useful information to consider if you need to use the Clearing process to access a UK University.

Available courses via Clearing

Did you know that Universities have already started posting their vacancies on courses that start in October 2016? Some, like our partner Universities below, do not only list available courses but provide useful information that needs to be considered when applying through Clearing. Have a look at what is on offer by clicking on a University below and if you like what you see, contact us by email – – or phone us on +44 1865 339 598 and we will answer your questions and help you further. Alternatively you can visit our website.

Not all University courses with the same name cover the same topics, especially if the course has a generic name such as Business, Physics or Psychology.  Therefore check that the modules cover the topics that you are interested in. Then check the grades needed for entry. If you cannot find a suitable course consider joint degrees. There may be one that does meet your requirements in terms of content. Also check the English Language requirements for the course because if you do not have the correct IELTS level, your entry will not be accepted. If you meet all the entry requirements then consider the location of the University. This is important as you will be living there for three to four years. This means not only things such as University accommodation, clubs and societies but the city where the University is located and transport links. Look at things such as night life, restaurants, shops, transport around the city and other amenities that you may need.

If for some reason you still find it difficult to select a suitable course then look further afield. Look towards European countries, America and Canada for study opportunities. There are plenty of Universities in these countries that will take students from the UK. To find out more, visit our web site, to see what is available in these countries. Alternatively contact one of our expert advisors on +44 1865 339 301 or send an email to with details of your query and we will be happy to advise you on studying abroad.

Dos and Don’ts

Clearing is just the start of the process of going to University. If you secure a place through Clearing you then need to register for accommodation, obtain a visa and book flights. From result day to the day you start at your University, it is a busy time. This is not a good time to go on holiday or take a break. You need to be around to accept offers, complete forms and organise your trip.

Clearing may seem like a difficult process and you may not be very happy with the lower grades you obtained. However, you are not alone. Talk to people. Talk to your family about your future. Talk to experts like BCIC about your options. You will be surprised at the quality of courses available. BCIC have been finding University placements for students for many years. To find out how we can help you, contact BCIC by email or phone and talk to one of our expert advisors on +44 1865 339 598 or visit our website to find out more about our quality services.

Summary: Preparation for Clearing

Preparation helps make things happen. If you think that your results may be lower than you were predicted, now is the time to explore options. Look at other courses at other Universities, making sure the course content is what you want, you meet the IELTS requirements and you are willing to live in the University City for three to four years. Your goal of studying at University is achievable.

Group of Asian and Western students

To find out how BCIC can help you prepare for the Clearing process, then contact our informed advisors by sending an email to or ring us on +44 1865 339 598. We are waiting to help you.


In our next blog we will consider how to deal with results day. In the meantime tell us what scares you about Clearing and Results day – 18th August 2016 – by leaving a comment below.


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