Results day: What are my options?

Result day

Results day is probably one of the most emotional days in a teenager’s life. It is the day when they find out, after two years of studying, if they have a place at University. The results can be as predicted, better than predicted or worse than predicted. Irrespective of how good the results are, there are options. If you have performed better than expected, you can trade-up to a higher ranking University. If your results are worse than expected you can still find a course at a University. So what are the options?

Good Results

Alevel-results-day-Asian Student

You have the required grades so you need to secure your place and start preparing for life at University. Through UCAS make sure that you formally accept the place on the course and start organising your accommodation, visa application and travel arrangements.

If you seem to be a grade out, for example, you achieved AAB instead of AAA, your choice of University may still want you. So, login to your UCAS page and check to see if you still have a place. Remember Universities do not want to teach to empty lecture halls so your grades may still be good enough to secure your place.

Results are not as expected

Result day not good

The first thing to do is not to panic or feel sorry for yourself. It is not the end of the world, it is an opportunity. You have a second chance to make a decision about your future study and the career you will follow. In 2015, 63,000 people found a university course through clearing. Clearing works and is the best option for pursuing your dream of studying at University.

Login to your UCAS page, if you have been entered for Clearing you will automatically receive a Clearing Number. Make a note of this number. Then start looking for a suitable course. You can do this by either going to University websites and see what they have to offer or through clearing lists at UCAS or the Daily Telegraph. Alternatively, visit the BCIC website to see what courses our partner Universities can offer or send an email to with your details and we will help you find a course.

When looking for a course there are some things to remember. Just because two Universities have the same name for a course, it does not mean that the course content will be the same. Check the module details to ensure the topics covered are the ones that interest you. For example, not all Business related degree courses are the same. At some Universities, they may focus on the international aspects of Business while others, on the management side. If you are still having problems finding the course, you may want to consider a joint degree. A degree in Accounting and Business may be just as good as or even better than a pure degree in accounting only. Then check the English Language requirements for the course as not all Universities have the same IELTS requirement. Then consider the location. You will be spending the next three or four years of your life there, you need to make sure that you can live and study there.

Results are worse than expected

All is not lost. There are still ways of achieving your aim of studying at a University of your choice. Foundations courses are a good way of gaining entry onto your desired course at your desired university. Most Universities run Foundation courses from which you can progress to one of their degree courses. Therefore check to see if you desired University runs a Foundation course. Then check the entry and language requirements to ensure you can meet those conditions. For expert help and advice on selecting a Foundation course then send your details to BCIC by email,, or phone and talk to one of our expert advisors by ringing +44 1865 339 598.  A Foundation course is not your only option.

Have you thought of studying abroad in America, Canada or Europe? These countries have excellent Universities and welcome students from all nations. Studying outside the UK could be the ideal opportunity for you. You will study the course that you want to; you will learn about another culture, meet new people and gain valuable knowledge and experience that would satisfy any future employer. To find out more about studying abroad send your details to BCIC by email to or ring +44 1865 339 598 and talk to someone who wants to help you or visit the BCIC website.

Results are better than expected

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Well done. You have outperformed the expectations of your tutors and teachers. If you are happy with your first choice then confirm the place via UCAS and start to prepare for the next stage of your academic career. Alternatively, you can seize the opportunity and trade-up to a higher ranking University. The first thing to do is to identify which higher ranking Universities that you want to target. Remember not all Universities, especially the higher ranking ones such as LSE, take part in the Clearing process. You may have to make a direct application to them. For help and assistance in trading up to a higher ranked University, send you details to BCIC via  email, or phone us on +44 1865 339 598 and talk to our experts who can help and advise you on the next steps to take.

A Summary of Options

Results day is an emotional day. Two years of learning, studying and revising culminates in a slip of paper with your results. Although there is excitement, joy and maybe disappointment, there are, as there always is in life, options. What you need to do is decide upon the best option for you. If you have done extremely well, your results may allow you the option of trading up to a higher ranked university. If your results are not quite good enough, then use this opportunity to find another course at another University where you can pursue your life or career goal. If you have performed really badly then consider alternative academic routes, such as Foundation courses, as these are good ways of furthering your academic studies to achieve your future goals.


If you are unsure about your options are and need help finding the right option for you then contact BCIC and we will help you. Send us your details by email to or phone +44 1865 339 598 and talk to one of our experts who will be happy to help you.

Alternatively, write a comment below or ask a question about what you want to know regarding results day.


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